Pregnancy & Holidays || Second Trimester

I have been there. The first trimester of your pregnancy at the very end of summer and you are just feeling blah. I had two babies due in early April (both born in March) so the majority of my second trimester was around the holidays!


The second trimester is the most beautiful time of pregnancy according to most moms. You are coming out of the “morning sickness” state (let’s be honest- whoever named it “morning” sickness needs a reality check) you’re finally getting a noticeable bump AND the most miraculous thing happens. You can feel your baby kick! Starting as tiny flutters and making their way to full blown elbow jabs. (Take it easy babe- I’d like to keep my pancreas) 😉


With Thanksgiving and Christmas happening right in my second trimester I couldn’t have been more excited. I was finally able to eat food again (Yay!) And I wasn’t to the uncomfortably huge, cant-fit-any-food-in-my-belly stage, so I could eat and enjoy it. So let’s talk about foods you can enjoy at Thanksgiving and Christmas while in your second trimester!

Eat as much as you would like:

  • Fully cooked meat (turkey, ham, chicken etc)
  • Fruits and Veggies
  • Stuffing
  • Relish trays (pickles, olives etc)
  • P.I.E (apple, pumpkin, you name it)
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Gravy….all the gravy ;)(With this, just be smart. If you question if you can have any food item, its best to avoid it until you get further clarification. As a general rule, if its fully cooked and pasteurized you are probably safe)

Hold off (until next year…boo):

  • Stuffing cooked INSIDE the turkey. One reason: salmonella.
  • Soft cheeses: Listeria, no go, sorry mama!
  • Hollandaise sauce: Reasoning? Egg yolks are usually not fully cooked
  • Smoked Salmon: Again….Listeria. Boo 🙁
  • Cider: It is typically unpasteurized and can harbor E. Coli
  • Alcohol….do I need to justify?
  • Eggnog…. again…no need to justify. 😉


Germs seem to make their ways around family get togethers too. So many family members all in one tight house sharing food and stories….and germs. It can be difficult being pregnant and getting sick. Things like the common cold are hard because there are some OTC medications that you are not allowed to take while pregnant or until your third trimester. Typically, your OB should give you a form with all the medications safe for you to take during each stage of pregnancy for varying issues. More serious things like the flu should be brought up to your doctor right away so they can monitor you and baby and watch for signs of dehydration among other things.


Much Love,

– Allison


**I am not a doctor, information read here should be consulted with your physician or OBGYN before proceeding. Safety is always top priority for me!**

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