My Story

Before having kids, getting married or any of the fun adult things we do in life, I became a nurse. I graduated and passed the state of Iowa boards to become an LPN! I wanted to work in labor and delivery, to my surprise, life had other plans. I became pregnant shortly after getting my first nursing job  but due to some complications, I was placed on bed rest.

Then, just four months after my she was born, we found out we were already expecting number two! Oops!

My nursing career was put on the back burner to raise my children.

When I found out I was pregnant with my third child I came across the term “doula”. I was very curious and intrigued but in my head, for whatever reason, I associated them with Midwives, and Midwives with home births. Due to the nature of my past pregnancies, labor and births, a “non hospital” birth was not an option for me. So I stopped researching.

When finding out about our fourth baby, I dove in and read up on what a doula is/does. To my surprise, I was not alone in thinking they were interchangeable with “Midwives”, many people though this way. BUT I WAS WRONG! Learn more here

I hired a doula for the birth of my fourth. To be there for me, support me and my husband through labor, delivery and beyond! I cannot say this enough, I wish I had hired one for ALL my births.

I wanted to get back into medicine but due to the amount of time I took off to raise my children I was told I would basically have to start from square one as if I had never attended a day of nursing school in my life. To me, that was not going to work.

I still wanted to be involved with labor and delivery. It gave me purpose, hope and a reason in life. It is just like breathing to me, filling me with all the warm feelings!

That is when I decided to go down the Doula certification path. Being there for a soon to be mom in such a vulnerable time, the way my doula was there for me, is all I could ever and will ever want to do with my life. Thus, Divine Doula Services was born.

If you want an all natural quiet home birth, I’ll be there.

If you want a water birth at a birthing center with all your family, I’ll be there.

If you want all the medications and all of the help while in the hospital, I’ll be there.

If you have a scheduled C-section, I’ll be there.

No matter what the perfect birth looks like to YOU, I will be there every step of the way, coaching you, helping you, taking it one surge at a time until you finally lay eyes on that oh-so-sweet-face you have been so eager to meet.


-Much love, Allison.