Postpartum Packages

I offer different postpartum packages to help fit needs of every family. Below are the different packages and the breakdowns. When you are ready to proceed, head over to the Contact Me page and we can get started! 

PSSST: I offer a 15% discount for returning clients PLUS I offer gift certificates as well! Know someone who would benefit from these services? Get them a gift certificate to put towards the purchase of packages or build your own items. They will be so thankful! Moms rarely put themselves first, so they may need a friend/family member saying “its okay” or “do this for yourself”.


  • Carnelian $210:

With this package you will be able to schedule 3 in home meetings postpartum that will last roughly 2 hours each.  I will be at your disposal, so please use me. I can cook, clean, do laundry, get your groceries, hold baby while you nap or shower or simply watch baby while you go get a massage, get your nails done or some Reiki. (If you purchased the Selenite package you get 4 Reiki sessions included in that!)

  • Citrine $450:

With this package you get everything above in the Carnelian package PLUS one overnight stay.  I will get up with baby and you (or just baby if you need sleep) and will help with nursing, bottle feeding, diapering or really anything. I will be at your disposal again. Questions about sleeping baby, nighttime feedings etc, I can help with.

  • Tourmaline $945:

With this package you will receive FOUR daytime meetings postpartum, again roughly two hours each, plus THREE overnight stays (8 hours each). This is a $200 savings from building your own package of postpartum care. This package is amazing for new moms who may be headed back to work and really just need some solid sleep to prepare for the working mom role.


Whichever package you desire, there is a $250 non refundable deposit to secure your date and my on call time. My slots of postpartum time are minimal each month to ensure i can give 110% to all my clients. So act quick to make sure you get your date reserved!