Birth Packages

My birth packages fit the needs of every family. Below are the different packages and the breakdowns. When you are ready to proceed, head over to the Contact Me page and we can get started!

PSSST:  I offer a 15% discount to returning clients PLUS I do gift certificates as well! Know someone who would benefit from these services? Get them a gift certificate to put towards the purchase of pre-made packages or build your own items. They will be so thankful! Moms rarely put themselves first, so they may need a friend/family member saying “its okay” or “do this for yourself”.

  • Opal package $650: 

This package includes: two prenatal visits, first is a meeting between conception-20 weeks. During this meeting we will talk about how we fit together as a team and address any questions you have. Second meeting will take place in your third trimester and we will go over your birth plan in depth. I will save this for myself and the birthing staff. You will also get my professional attendance at your labor and birth. I will be available to you throughout your pregnancy. You can update me with doctor appointment information and of course any ultrasound photos you get! (I love them!) My on-call times start the week before your due date and go until birth. This package also will include me staying for roughly an hour or two after baby arrives, as well as returning 24 hours after birth to check on mom and baby.


  • Ruby package $750:

You will receive everything from the Opal package plus my help postpartum! I will come to your home roughly 5 days after birth and again roughly 2 weeks after birth. At this point I will provide a home cooked meal for your entire family. I will be at your complete disposal. Need a shower? Need some sleep? Need help with breastfeeding? I will be there and will help with whatever is needing done at home, or even just a set of ears talk through things!


  • Jade package $850:

This is the best deal I can offer! You get everything from the Opal and Ruby packages PLUS fresh 48 from Meraki Imaged. She will send you photos via drop box with permission to print and share photos as desired. How awesome is that!? To check out her work please visit her Facebook page here.


  • Selenite $870:

You receive everything from the Opal and Ruby packages PLUS 4 Reiki sessions postpartum with Ground Soul! Taking care of yourself postpartum is so important. Reiki can help with so many things and if you would like more information please check out her page here.


Whichever package you desire, there is a $250 non refundable deposit to secure your date and my on call time. I am only accepting a few moms a month, at this time. So act quick to make sure you get your date reserved!